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Cannabis Genetics for Research

MMG is proud to support compassionate patient organisations and clinical research into the true therapeutic nature of the cannabis plant. Clinical research is key to understanding cannabis and allows Governments to follow a more evidence-based policy when considering legalisation and medicinal access. 

“The oil made with this medicine, without exception, changed the lives of all families and children suffering from epilepsy or other disorders in the nervous system.” – Juan Pasco Fundaluva Foundation Columbia

With a view to learning how our strains genetics may best benefit patients and further access, we aim to form medical affiliates and legally supply the most compassionate non-profit organisations and clinical research projects with free CBD dominant genetics, and in particular, CD1 which has yet to test over 1% THC.

One such affiliate is the Fundaluva Foundacion y Cannavida in Columbia, who are currently assisting underprivileged children with from the district of Medellin with access to Candida extract. Through our genetics and legal research, children suffering from conditions such as autism and drug-resistant epilepsy, have been able to access CBD dominant genetics. 

If you are part of a research team, NGO, patient organisation or represent a foreign Government researching cannabis and wish to be supplied with our genetics, please contact our research team at info@mmgenetics.eu .