Candida (CD-1)

Candida (CD-1)

(20 customer reviews)

This Cup winning high CBD strain has impressed with its growth and stability in production. In testing THC levels have never yet exceeded 1% and CBD levels have tested between 11% and 20% making it one of the first CBD dominant cannabis strains in history. It was recognised at the Spannabis Champions Cup 2017 taking 2nd place in the CBD category. 


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Breeder: MM Genetics

Variety: Mostly Sativa

THC Content: 0.5% 

CBD Content: 11-20%

CBD to THC ratio:  20:1 

Sex: Feminised

Flowering Time: 9 Weeks

Yield: High

Medicinal Use: Depression, ADHD, Anorexia, Epilepsy, Autism. 

CD-1 is a high yielding feminised strain with a unique lemon flavor and aroma that compliment its medicinal properties.

Candida will noticeably produce two different phenotypes; a sativa and an indica. Initial research has suggested that the sativa phenotype will produce lower, whispier yields often associated with sativa strains. We have noticed to date that the sativa pheno produces higher CBD counts. In comparison, the indica pheno will produce bigger, denser yields with lower CBD levels but still with significant CBD content. The sativa can be harder to manage and will have larger distances between the internodes making the plants more vulnerable.


All our strains have been tested independantly by both Canna and Totem Labs.

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20 reviews for Candida (CD-1)

  1. John Albion, from Uffington, British Columbia

    My name is John Albion, from Uffington, British Columbia.

    I have been using Candida for last year and 1 and half years. We have grown her indoor and outdoor with great ease, she is a wonderful plant to behold and has been produced purely to provide medicine and access to high cbd cannabis where in most places in my country’ the only type of commercial cannabis available is of 20:1 , with CBD under 1% and THC 15-25%. There are some CBD clones but these are very hard to come by.

    The high THC is unsuitable for people suffering from neurological diseases and any minors. The Candida strain is the complete opposite provides the 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC making a perfect non psychoactive therapeutic strain.

    We have extracted it with rosin press, Ethanol alcohol, olive oil, coconut fat, MCT oil and dairy butter. All have proved to be effective and excellent medicines. The patients that have been helped by this plant have never reported a psychoactive effect either. The number of people that we have accessing it lawfully through our Compassion club is over 100’s . The youngest patient started on CD1 olive tinctures, with approximately equivalent of 25 grams of extracted decarboxylated material per 30 ml tincture, ingested per month.

    He was lawfully provided with lab tested medicine made from this plant, at the time the young boy was 2.5 years old and struggling with leukaemia and the side effects of his chemotherapy. He began taking this medicine in June 2016 alongside his conventional chemotherapy treatments. In his mothers words “his appetite and body continued to grow and improve” in the weeks after first ingesting CD1. After finishing his treatment he is now in remission and starting school. The mother believes firmly that CD1 aided in her child’s recovery.

    The other interesting patient is an 18 year old with drug resistant epilepsy. He again took the tincture and had 8 days seizure free after the first time ingesting it. Other people have found it effective for sleeping and relaxing all stating a calming effect.

    The Most effective form of ingesting we found to be olive oil tinctures with either 25 grams of decarboxylated material or 3 grams of RSO pure extract suspended to every part 30 ml of olive.

  2. Phill and Gretchen

    Greetings. We are a couple of 35 years in our 60’s. My wife is THC intolerant but still wants to enjoy the medical properties of Cannabis without the ‘high’. Her favorite way to medicate is to use a tincture that is no less than 20:1 CBD. We decided, with the help of a friend, to give Candida (CD-1) a try. We did a regular garage grow of 5 plants in a 2’x4’ tray with a 600w bulb. We took samples to Santa Cruz Labs, our test results were amazing! We had an average of 24:1 CBD. Seeing is believing. We believe in Candida.

    Test results from SC Labs:

  3. Earnest

    Bought 3 seeds and got a freebie. All 4 germinated and grew very well. Gave one away to a friend that suffers from chronic pain. The 3 I grew produced 7&1/2 oz with some FIMing and 400w MH/HPS bulbs. Super sticky and fragrant. Great quality without feeling stoned!

  4. Harvey

    A pleasure to grow and now helping kids all over scotland

  5. Jarrett

    I’m on my second grow of Candida. This strain is a gem. This round I SCoG’d four cuts, and all grew into the screen uniformly and robustly. I’m probably about two weeks from harvest (It’s always two weeks, right?), and the smell of the buds is awesome.

    I use Candida for pain management, and since switching to CBD in September 2017, I’ve been off painkillers- my Fentanyl patches are collecting dust on my dresser as I type this. I use about 10ML of oil to 1G of flower, which seems to be a good ratio.

    I’m always amazed at how fast the cannabis world has moved since I started growing three years ago. Having access to stable, high-quality CBD genetics like Candida is nothing short of a miracle to people suffering with chronic illnesses.

    Thanks for your hard work, MMG. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  6. Jim

    Amazing source of CBD. I have been using CBD oil for many years and decided to grow my own with CD1 and make basic extractions with olive oil tinctures and Coco canna caps. I use a magical butter maker which is so easy too. Really happy with my CD1 products, which I use for anxiety and stress from my work . I would recommend this strain to anyone looking for CBD.

  7. Moe BFHP – Hants

    Both my wife’s Aunt and my beloved grandmother have advanced Parkinson’s. My grandmother is less advanced but she still suffers with bad tremors and is very anxious about the future. I tried them both on cannabis oil (Northern Lights) last year and although they experienced reduced tremors and pain the psychoactive effects were causing them to feel withdrawn and muddled so we stopped.

    This year with Candida CD1 we have a massive improvement – the tremors are under control and the pain, just as before, but my grandmother is also less anxious and generally more optimistic as a result. An added bonus! This strain can deliver medical benefits without psychotropic side effects which means they can both enjoy benefits without feeling out of control.

    Three out of the four seeds we had germinated – and grew very well. They stalled briefly at around 10-15cm as we were growing outside and the weather was poor. Then grew ferociously as the temperature went up! After 6 months, and a bit of lollipoping, we had three large, bushy plants that smelled incredibly strong. Beautiful, bright lemon aroma.

    I was surprised how good the leaves were to eat raw in smoothies and salads – especially the younger ones – peppery like rocket.

    Once all was cut and cured we got enough to make 5 litres of CBD tincture with organic olive oil as the carrier. I saved a few buds to smoke – unlike anything I’ve ever had. Its impossible to get a THC high smoking this and I’ve tried! Instead you feel clam and relaxed. Very creative and un-inhibiting – I often have 3-5ml tincture in the morning if I’m feeling worried about things and go about my day productively without the shadow of anxiety hanging over me.

    Its a great shame that a strain like this is not available through the NHS. I’ve seen how transforming it can be for people with palliative neurological problems, even on a basic emotional level.

    Highly recommended.

  8. BubbaJ – British Columbia

    Was amazed to find a seed like this, bought from GTA. Never heard of seed with so much CBD. Very Satisfied!!! Germination was on point!! We bought 10 seeds, 7 where more Sativa a couple needed a little support, but all grew to be big and strong by week 9. The Indica produced a little more yields and needed no support. Produced well over a kilo of beautiful medical flowers.

    We have been making salves with lavender from it which loads of people love. I smoke in vapes, you feel the effect of the mega dose of CBD straight away!! Makes you feel calm. I suffer from neuropathic and chronic pain from a car accident in my twenties, where my pelvis and spine was damaged badly. Vaping CD1 dulls tha pain within a few minutes of smoking. I will be growing again and have selected the strongest Indica and Sativa phenos from the seeds I grew and made two mothers. Great strain. Strongly recommend!! Will be trying NN1 next. Respect to the breeders of this plant. Shes becoming famous in BC!!!

  9. Lyme Regis Compassion Club

    THIS PLANT IS SUPER! 6 out of 6 seeds all germinated perfectly. The growth rate was like no plant I have ever grown before, fast and large and buds everywhere. I had to tie and bend the bigger branches to stop my grow tent being completely over grown and lollipop a few times. All in all from the 6 plants we took 32 ounces of raw flowers. Cured she tastes sweet and smoking her calms you down.

    This strain is like nothing I have experienced with cannabis, calming, soothing, we love it. I have made RSO out of it with organic ethanol. The extract is a superb medicine and now helps my wife sleep soundly where before she would have difficulty sleeping more than 2 hours at a time.

    I would definitley recommend this strain to anyone wanting rich source of CBD. It is a super medical strain!

    Thanks MMG

  10. Joplin

    I’ve been buying seeds from seedsman for a while. This is hands down the best medical strain I’ve came across

  11. Bop

    Three beans planted, two sativa and one Indica pheno. I kept the indica. She grew fast, bushy as you could ever imagine, and perfectly shaped after I topped her. Literally looked like a globe. The nodes were tight and plenty along with branch formation. When it came to pruning it was a 7 stage process, SHE WAS BUSHY. Well worth it, explosive first growth followed by an extremely fast swell, within the first three weeks. This plant looked like it was at least 70% along in the first 50% of her life. Super trichome production on top of massive calyx growth. By far one of the most beautiful plants I’ve grown. Outdoors, in Portland Oregon in a 65 gallon felt pot. An absolute gem of a plant if you are willing to put in some lollipop work. Finished product is tasty and has great body only effects. Anxiety, pain, and ADHD have all been helped by this strain as tested on multiple people. Overall I can’t recommend it enough for those seeking a greater than great CBD.

  12. Sarah Godfrey

    This plant was a joy to grow from seed to harvest. I let it get a bit too big but it still produced 4.5 ounces per plant. Easy to grow with a good yield & a wonderful effect, both when smoked & when made into oil. I highly recommend it.

  13. Scott

    This is a twisty, gangly, funky plant. Seems like it’s not quite stable but hey, where else can you get anything close to Charlotte’s Web (this is better). My wife cannot have any thc so this is great medicine. I’ll definitely buy again.- Scott

  14. Falkirk CC

    We are the Falkirk CC. We love MMG, Thanks for providing this strain. All ten of our seeds popped and grew well, CD1 grows wildly. Most were more sativa phenos producing 3-4 ounces per plant. Noded well. We decarboxylated and extracted all flowers using organic olive oil, and mixed with essential oils of cinnamon, myrhh and Frankincense as to recipe given by John Green. Let us just say this medicine is amazing and has worked wonders with one of our patients that suffer from seizures, who has now come off her medication and is 3 months seizure free due to this lovely plant. We did not know it was possible to find such a high CBD strain, and we just want to say thank you MMG. We will continue to use this plant as a medicine and look forward to trying Orinoco in our next grow (just popped). One love Falkirk CC.

  15. Beebop of the Bop Collective Porltand Oregon

    I grew this plant for the first time outdoors this summer. She was absolutely amazing. Super tight node structure, had to lollipop her 7 times. I topped her about a month in and she naturally turned into a bush. Out of the three seeds I sprouted I chose the indica phenotype since people were going to be smoking it. The flowers were frosty early on and the shear amount of buds was incredible. Her smell was amazing, a diesel, green, skunky smell. The taste was the same as well. Lots of people who smoked it said it immediately knocked out their pain and didn’t leave them hungry for food. I recommend this strain to anyone looking for a solid medicinal value strain.

  16. Benjamin

    I started Candida CD1 on April 6th under a 600 watt Viparspectra reflector series LED. I started three seeds and chose the most indica looking one out of the three. She had fatter leaves than the other two and was only growing five fingered leaves. They were started in air pots using Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. she grew in a classic indica bush style from the get go. I transplanted her into a 5.6 gallon air pot at three weeks old. I stopped her upward growth by topping her roughly one month into the grow.

    She quickly took off after topping and was transplanted into a 10 gallon standard plastic pot at day 45. The weather was such that she also went outside permanently. She took well to the new amount of root space and sun, she rapidly started growing larger. The node spacing was incredibly tight and the branches were everywhere. An absolutely thick bush so I started lolliopopping a little bit to get better air flow through her. On day 55 I started feeding her with Fox Farms Grow big, Fox Farms Big Bloom, and Botanicare Cal Mag+. I fed her once a week watering her twice in between feedings. On day 74 she was transplanted into a 65 gallon felt pot. I fed her 1/2 nutrients to offset the fresh soil for ten days then went back to regular feedings.

    She was so thick and bushy that I pinned her down with a combination of plastic stakes, vine clips, and zip ties to open her up more and get some airflow through her. I supported the main branches in two positions so the wouldn’t twist and break. Unfortunately though I accidentally only pinned the back side lower branch (the side away from the sun) in one spot and it got so heavy it twisted and busted on it’s own. It was that or the dog might have also bumped the stake, who knows. The sad part was, I lost all those bud sites, the happy part was that it allowed me a great view of the inner branches I had missed lollipopping and she got cleaned up nicely. All in all I lollipopped her 7 times total.

    In early August she started flowering, I believe it was August 3rd, about 115 days after she came up through the soil. At this point I gave her the last of 7 lollipopping sessions, it was a real mission to lollipop her, just loaded with branches. The structure was great, after a single topping it turned itself into a perfect globe shape naturally. She was about 5′ tall off of the soil and about 6′ across. I started a new feeding schedule of nutrients. Fox Farms Open Sesame, Big Bloom, and Botanicare Cal Mag+. I was feeding it 2/3 the recommended amount and feeding every other watering.

    Flower sights were everywhere, and I mean everywhere. They popped up fast and filled in quickly. About three weeks into flower she really started to get frosty. The buds were decently thick for how far along she was, just stacks of calyxs’. Most of her leaves remained five fingered but there were sevens here and there. They stayed wide as well reassuring me that I had chosen the right phenotype. The smell was strong, a real green veggie smell with a hint of skunk and diesel. Many of my friends came over and described it as that “old school” smell.

    At day 28 of flowering (day 136 total) I switched my feeding schedule to Fox Farms Beastie Bloomz, Big Bloom, and Botanicare Cal Mag+. The Open Sesame had stacked the flowers tall enough. The Nitrogen feeding is extremely low at this point. When I lollipop, I take just the Branches leaving the Sun and Fan leaves behind. When I switch to almost zero nitrogen in the feeding cycle, the plant pulls it from the fan leaves and Sun leaves and in the process really opens up the lower/Inner areas of the plant for great airflow. She started to fall out nicely. One thing I noticed is that her color stayed lime green as opposed to a darker green throughout the plants life. It’s just the way she grows.

    The buds started swelling nicely, good enough to the point of me stopping the heavy PK dose on day 36 of flower and switch over to one final feeding of Fox Farms Cha Ching, nothing else. In the Pacific Northwest fog likes to roll in, I’ve found not making your buds swell too big really helps lower the potential of bud rot. she was flushed on the 9th and taken down early morning on the 11th at day 42.

    I had a friend doing lots of testing on some 1:1 ratio strains. He was taking flower every week and getting it tested. He told me that in his experience the CBD developed earlier in the plants life. Knowing this I pulled her early, September 11th to be exact. It was an absolute pleasure to grow this plant, her smell, her look, and her final product were top notch quality and highly recommended for anyone looking to relieve pain.

    Happy Growing, Benjamin F.

  17. MR WHITE

    We have been enjoying growing CD-1 for the last 3 grows, we have had 100% success rate every time. Germination of CD-1 is always 100% with minimal effort required compared to any other strain we have worked with.

    For each cycle the full Canna nutrients spectrum has been used from start to finish. The plant grows beautifully with this range and begins to show its characteristics which is quite “hemp-like” within the first few weeks of vegetation. Harvest has been lucrative gaining minimum 4 ounces per plant each grow. To achieve this the CD1 is introduced to lighting under fluorescent 64k for a period of 4 weeks, moving onto a 400W metal haloid for 6 weeks and eventually graduating through flowering under a HPS 600W.

    In the flowering stages it produces an amazing sweet smell that is extremely pleasant. CO2 was introduced to the plants throughout flowering. The growing medium used each time was soil, Canna Seedling for start off and Canna Pro finishing.

    We’ve found the low THC / high CBD has made CD-1 the perfect genetic for producing medical cannabis oil for patients. We have had great success stories and feedback from anyone who has used CD-1 for medicinal benefits for a wide range of ailments from anxiety to lung disease. The versatility of this strain seems to have no end and will always be a strain that is used in the production of our medication. As a genetic CD-1 surpasses itself in terms of expectations given the results obtained. We created a medical paste and sent this for analysis to Canna Labs, we were astounded by the fantastic results. This genetic is one that should be considered as an all-rounder and be first choice for all medical growers.

  18. Nicol

    It was so long I was looking for a strain with low thc <1 high CBD, after discovering Candida CD1 I soon bought it, I had two types one iIndica a Sativa, gorgeous beautiful, just finished all I was curious to try, had an odor, an effect I have been looking for for a long time, a relaxing effect in peace with yourself without having high THC. THANK YOU OF YOUR WORK MMG.

  19. Elizabeth Knight

    I produce High CBD tinctures and have had a hard time finding AC/DC seeds or clones so I took the leap and tried the Candida CD-1….WOW!! I am attaching the test results I just got back and I am thrilled! I have many people that want high CBD with hardly any THC and this one delivers!! Thank you MM Genetics for a wonderful product.

  20. Neil Curtis

    Candida is my favorite Cannabis on the planet. I have grown Candida for 2 seasons now with great success. Thanks MMG!
    I am looking forward to growing Master Hemp in 2019 along with Candida.

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