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Payment Information

Bitcoin is the safest and most secure way to pay.

Yes, we currently take payments with pre-paid visa cards.

If you are having problems paying or need to change your payment method please contact us.

We accept Bitcoin and Credit or Debit Cards.

We only accept payments in Euros (€).

We use two different payment systems. You will be shown what will appear on your bank statement once the payment has been cleared and you received a confirmation email.

If you receive this error please contact us via our support center.

Pay by Credit & Debit Card

[*Payment by Credit or Debit Card is only possible for countries in Europe.]

Should you encounter payment problems or if you wish to change your payment method, do not hesitate to contact us for support at the address,

Equally, if an order is ‘Declined’ or does not process due to a ‘Bad Gateway,’ please contact us for support at the above address.

Please note that we cannot process transactions wherein the Credit or Debit Card used is registered to an address that differs from the Shipping address. In cases of this type, payment will be automatically declined and the transaction will not be completed.

Payment by Debit or Credit Card is normally required to be made in Euros (€). Should this be the case for your transaction, confirmation of currency, exchange rate and the total cost will be clearly explained in the final stage of checkout.

If personal details provided are not the same as those that appear on any card used in a transaction or for unusually large orders, we may ask for proof of card ownership or confirmation of identity. This request will take the form of screenshotted or scanned bank statements, clearly demonstrating the cardholder’s name, billing address and the final four digits of card in question. We will never ask for a copy of the actual card.

Please be aware that card payment refunds can take up to thirty days to fully process the case and execute reimbursement. Our policy on refunding follows guidelines outlined by our payment providers.

Depending on the payment method you select, the transaction may appear in a variety of ways on your bank statement. Once payment has been received, a confirmation email will be sent with details of how the payment will appear. Should you have any queries with regards to this, do not hesitate to contact us at the above address.

 Pay By Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most widely trusted and used of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that operate independently of any centralized bank. They employ encryption techniques in order to preserve each ‘Wallet’s anonymity (‘Wallet’ is the name given to each investor’s Bitcoin storage space) as well as regulating the generation of units of currency.

To buy BitcoinsCoingate

What Is Bitcoin

As Bitcoin is a digital currency—and exists solely on digital platforms—you will not handle Bitcoin as physical or printed money. Bitcoin is ‘decentralised’ in that it is never handled by a third party “middle man” so transactions cannot be tracked or traced as they can be in mainstream currency transactions. Bitcoin’s suitability for internet transaction in tandem with the exponential popularity of that method of purchase have led to projections that Bitcoin will soon be the most popular method of internet transaction and ipso facto evolve into one of the major worldwide currencies. Already many major online retailers accept Bitcoin transactions on their sites.

This video provides more information:

Purchasing Bitcoin

Bitcoin is bought either directly from other investors at Bitcoin marketplaces or from Bitcoin exchanges.

To buy Bitcoin, you must have purchased a Wallet to ‘store’ and use your currency. These are available for purchase at Bitcoin exchanges. Visit to explore other methods of buying a Wallet.

Payment can take place in a number of ways: credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and physical currency are all options. 

Below is a list of some of the most reliable Bitcoin Exchanges:

It is recommended that Bitcoin investors purchase their currency from domains operated domestically (i.e. working from your country). The website is a very useful source for establishing where reliable Bitcoin Exchanges near you are located.

Bitcoin Storage

Paying by Bitcoin on

Paying by Bitcoin on

To pay for products or services sold by MM Genetics using Bitcoin, the buyer should use Coingate. The option to pay by this method appears at checkout and the steps involved are clearly explained. However, should you seek assistance or more information see Ciongate documentation or visit their site.